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By Hans Irschik, Alexander K. Belyaev

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ISBN-13: 9783709118085

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The publication offers up to date and unifying formulations for treating dynamics of other different types of mechanical structures with variable mass. the place to begin is evaluate of the continuum mechanics kinfolk of stability and leap for open platforms from which prolonged Lagrange and Hamiltonian formulations are derived. Corresponding ways are said on the point of analytical mechanics with emphasis on structures with a position-dependent mass and on the point of structural mechanics. designated emphasis is laid upon axially relocating constructions like belts and chains and on pipes with an axial circulate of fluid. Constitutive relatives within the dynamics of platforms with variable mass are studied with specific connection with modeling of multi-component combos. The dynamics of machines with a variable mass are taken care of intimately and conservation legislation and the soundness of movement should be analyzed. Novel finite point formulations for open platforms in coupled fluid and structural dynamics are presented.

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The additional, non-classical supply of mass due to the flow of mass through the control surface becomes, see (126), n · (u − v)ρ dS = μ s˙ su [m] = (184) S Further recall that only the upper part of the control surface in Fig. 2 contributes to the surface integral. Substituting (183) and (184), it is seen 44 H. Irschik and A. Humer ρ u = 0, v = s˙ ex , n = −ex , n · Σ = −N ex μ ex s = s(t) S u = v = 0, n = ex , n · Σ = 0 Figure 2. Non-material control volume S enclosing the hanging part of the inextensible chain.

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