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By J. M. Tranquada, G. Shirane (auth.), George Reiter, Peter Horsch, Gregory C. Psaltakis (eds.)

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This NATO complex study Workshop used to be held at a time whilst there has been little consensus as to the mechanism for prime temperature superconductivity, within the context of an international present process significant adjustments in its political alignments and experience of the prospect for the long run. It used to be characterised by means of generosity within the sharing of our uncertainties and speculations, as used to be acceptable for either the subject material and the context. The workshop used to be equipped, of necessity round the experimental paintings, as is that this quantity. the place the theoretical paintings is without delay correct to specific experiments, it really is integrated within the applicable sections with them. lots of the members felt strongly that magnetic fluctuations performed a massive position within the mechanism for top T c, even though aside from the IlS R paintings pronounced by way of Luke displaying effects inconsistent with the anyon photo, and the paintings on flux stages via Lederer, the mechanism remained a subject matter within the historical past. an enormous concentration used to be the phenomenological interpretation of the NMR data.

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The situation is quite different for the Ba doped material. D2shCu04 have elucidated the spin freezing process for this material. However, in this case the temperature dependence of the spin dynamics is not determined by a changing correlation length or the standard type of critical slowing down. The magnetic response is directly affected by the underlying change in the electronic susceptibility. It would be helpful to have more theoretical guidance in this regime. Obviously the electronic response of such systems is very important, because with a very slight increase in doping, high-temperature superconductivity is achieved.

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