Dragonstar: Starfarer's Handbook (d20 Roleplaying System) by Fantasy Flight Games, Various PDF

By Fantasy Flight Games, Various

ISBN-10: 1589940563

ISBN-13: 9781589940567

Welcome to Dragonstar, a boundless universe of magic and desktop, technology and sorcery. Intrepid adventurers discover the Outlands in starships powered via fusion hearth and arcane rituals. Dwarven prospectors paintings veins of natural adamantite in distant asteroid belts, and elven loremasters behavior mystery experiments in dwelling area stations. Grizzled mercenaries increase their our bodies with bioengineered spellware, and orc raiders armed with pulse lasers bloodbath innocents on remoted colony worlds. Dragonstar is a distinct space-fantasy crusade atmosphere for the d20 method from delusion Flight video games. Written through verteran designers Matt Forbeck and Greg Benage. organize to take your event to the celebs!

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Class Features Weapon and Armor Proficiency : When a ranger takes the Technical Proficiency feat, she automatically becomes proficient with all high-tech simple and martial weapons and all high-tech armor. Favored Enemy: A ranger with the Technical Proficiency feat who takes constructs as his favored enemy gains the related bonuses when fighting soulmechs . Soulmechs, unlike magical constructs, are not immune to critical hits, so bonus weapon damage does apply. Special Feats: Imperial rangers do not gain the ability to fight with two weapons in light armor as if they had the Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Fighting feats .

K w ~ . ,r. " Favored Class : Sorcerer. A multiclass half-dragon's sorcerer class does not count when determining whether she suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing. The draconic blood rages in the half-dragons' veins, and they are naturally drawn to sorcery. OR(S Ores are a plague on many worlds in the galaxy. They are crude, aggressive, and warlike . They're not particularly formidable when they're alone, but there are a lot of them. Despite the fact that they're usually chaotic evil, they band together for short times in hordes capable of threatening even the most powerful empires .

Despite their diverse backgrounds, pilots have a lot in common. Races : Pilots can be of any race. Halflings are perhaps more at home in the cockpit than other races.

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Dragonstar: Starfarer's Handbook (d20 Roleplaying System) by Fantasy Flight Games, Various

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