Read e-book online Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening (Prima Official Game Guide) PDF

By Mike Searle

ISBN-10: 0307468356

ISBN-13: 9780307468352

• Expanded part Quests! entire walkthroughs for each aspect quest record every thing from maps to loot rewards.
• Spoiler Alert: Spoiler warnings incorporated in the course of the guide.
• Over forty categorized maps! From the traditional dwarven citadel Kal'Hirol to the lethal Dragonbone wastes.
• Full walkthroughs exhibit pivotal tale offerings, puzzle secrets and techniques, and each quest stop!
• Expert information on how to maximise your new talents!

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Next, study all the rest of your Champion talents. Rally and Motivate enhance the entire party’s offense and defense, but Superiority is the coup de grace. Now when you trigger War Cry, it has a chance to knock down all enemies around you and give you a great advantage in battle. À Fill out the rest of your Weapon and Shield chains. If you lean toward defense, learn Shield Expertise first; if you lean toward offense, get the four-hit combo Assault (requires 32 strength). À Your final point could be spent on almost anything.

Critical Strike promises an automatic critical hit and massive damage to a single target. Use it in any one-on-one fight or when you have lots of stamina in a longer fight. À Dip into the Berserker specialization. Berserk increases damage for each of your strokes, though your stamina will suffer a bit. Resilience helps offset Berserk’s stamina penalty, as does Constraint. Speaking of offsetting penalties, Two-Handed Strength minimizes the penalties from Powerful Swings. À Two-Handed Sweep gives you an option against multiple foes.

You don’t, for instance, want an awesome two-handed sword if you’re training in Weapon and Shields. Any weapon that grants you strength (or dexterity for warriors in Archery and Dual Weapon) should be considered. Bonuses to damage, attack, and criticals can be great too. If you want more defense, bulk up your armor rating, but it’s always a fine line between great armor rating and too much fatigue. Armor doesn’t do a lot of good if you can’t use any of your talents. You can always look for armor with a bonus to armor rating (no fatigue penalty), or even armor that grants constitution bonus or healing bonus.

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