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He nodded, stroking his thumb across that back of her hand. ” She supposed she owed the brothers the whole story, or most of it, seeing as they were helping her adjust to life in Whispering Valley. And suddenly, she realized she wanted to share it. Free her mind of it. “We broke up a long time ago, but I’m still cleaning up the mess he left me in. He got involved in a multi-level marketing scheme and became one of the fall guys when the company was exposed. ” She smiled wryly. “I never thought I would be grateful that my aunt left her money to her cats.

Enos jerked her wrists and tried to roll on top of her. Gower lifted her legs. ” They wrestled the wriggling demon onto the bed and took turns holding her in place while Gower tied her limbs to the bedposts using scarves from the aunt’s dresser. Lying spread-eagle, surrounded by the men, Suthu continued to curse and struggle to free herself. Still feeling the wooziness from lack of nourishment, Gower tried to figure out what to do next. As Suthu bucked, her glistening pussy open and available, it took all his strength not to bite a vein or fuck her, whichever need hit him stronger.

Hurry. ” Gower lowered his face to her neck and the room began to grow fuzzy around Sin. When he bit his own wrist and held it to Suthu’s lips, Sin felt the cool liquid of his blood over her tongue. Yet the room was slipping away from her. Awareness dimmed. Hazy. Darker. Black. Baen pulled the quilt over Sin’s nude, pale body and fingered the ragged bite marks on her neck. ” Enos snarled. “You try feasting on a demon. ” Gower felt for her pulse before tucking her arm under the quilt. ” Watching her still form, Baen ran a hand through his hair.

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