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By Wa Thiong'o Ngugi

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Ngugi describes this booklet as 'a precis of a few of the problems during which i've been passionately concerned for the final two decades of my perform in fiction, theatre, feedback and in instructing of literature. North the United States: Heinemann; Kenya: EAEP

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Most of the rich landlords, merchants, and top officials in companies or administration, and a large section of the land-owning peasantry, live outside the village. (1) I mention these different classes because nearly all of them were . represented among the participants at Kamiriithu Community Education and Culture Centre. For instance, the committee running the centre was made up of peasants, workers, a schoolteacher and a businessman. Those of us from the, University included Kimani, Gecau, Kabiru Kinyanjui and Ngugi wa Mirii who later became the co-ord inating director of all our activities.

18) For good measure no Malawian is allowed to teach at the academy none is good enough - and all the teaching staff-has beep recruited from Britain. A Malawian might lower the standards, or rather, the purity of the English language. Can you get a more telling example of hatred of what is national, and a servile worship of what is foreign even though dead? ) and the French and Portuguese conscious programme of cultural assimilation. These are a matter of detail, and emphasis. The final effect was the same: Senghor's embrace of French as this language with a universal vocation is not so different from Chinua Achebe's gratitude in 1964 to English- `those of us who have inherited the English language may not be in a position to appreciate the value of the inheritance'.

In Malawi, Banda has erected his own monument by way of an institution, The Kamuzu Academy, designed to aid the brightest pupils of Malawi in their mastery of English. It is a grammar school designed to produce boys and girls who will be sent to universities like Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh and be able to compete on equal terms with others elsewhere. The President has instructed that Latin should occupy a central place in the curriculum. All teachers must have had at least some Latin in their academic background.

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