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This e-book is helping to deepen our knowing of the types of modern Islam and the problems which are of so much hindrance to Muslims this day. Oliver Leaman explores the various controversies and debates that exist inside of Islam and among Islam and different religions. He considers how the faith should be outlined via the distinction among competing units of ideals, and arguments among Muslims themselves over the character of the religion. components lined comprise: Qur’anic interpretation, gender, finance, schooling, and nationalism. Examples are taken from quite a number contexts and illustrate the range of ways to Islam that exists today.

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The whole method is difficult to accept though since even if the audience was in tune with this vast variety of interpretations and commentaries and historical accounts, these do not constitute a fixed corpus of accepted Jewish explanations of the Bible, but constitute a variety of views, and the fact that the Qur’an is in line with at least some of these views would not strike much of an accord with those who do not accept them even within the tradition in which they exist. They would be accepted in the sense of containing valuable material worth considering, but not in the sense of a fixed set of truths that must be accepted by anyone in the religion.

Ibn Rushd follows what he takes to be Aristotle’s approach to the proof for the existence of God, arguing that there must be a first cause to avoid the existence of an infinite regress of causes. Apart from it, every other cause is also an effect in a long and complex series. There must be something at the source of the series to start it off without itself being in the series. The kalam cosmological argument One form of the cosmological argument has recently been revived in the AngloAmerican philosophical sphere by William Lane Craig and called the kalam cosmological argument (nicely described in Meister 2009: 76–83).

There are passages in the Qur’an which do emphasize one or the other, after all, so the balance which exists here is not inevitable. It might be argued that it is important in the Book for the balance to be of a certain kind here, and the balance elsewhere to be otherwise to construct the perfect Book that is the Qur’an. It is difficult to know what to make of that claim, though. Is the Qur’an read all at once, so that each verse can be set off against the rest of the Book? Well, sometimes it is, but not usually.

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