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Careers with a sense of right and wrong is the last word consultant for locating jobs that contain company social responsibility-CSR. even if it includes a brand new type of recognition to the surroundings, human rights, operating stipulations, or company transparency, loads of businesses are taking a look past the base line and growing positions for CSR pros. CSR is turning up in all industries and in all sizes of businesses, from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune a thousand giants. Careers with a judgment of right and wrong offers you the lowdown on CSR activity opportunities-and the place to discover them.

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He thought I had a high degree of integrity and was willing to speak out and stand up for what’s right, and I had earned a reputation for that. Why did you get into CSR? I hadn’t given thought to a career in it or the broader connotations of social responsibility. I thought I’d follow the financial and accounting path, but the position sounded pretty appealing and reflected things that I’d taken for granted. What I saw in the job was the opportunity to help Xerox people do the right thing, and sometimes you need a little help deciding what that is.

Net) 4. columbia. 5. Columbia University edu/execed) 6. Cornell University 7. Duquesne University • Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business (www. edu) 8. Yale University 9. edu) 10. org/rankings. One other avenue for advanced degrees: Explore new “green MBA” programs at schools such as Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Green Mountain College, Presidio School of Management, Marlboro College Graduate Center and Antioch University. These programs have been designed from the ground up for sustainability professionals.

If you’re interested in executive and board member compensation, search the SEC’s EDGAR database for the company’s proxy statement, or form DEF 14A. The proxy statement will tell you what the senior executives make and what they pay their board members, which is important if you’re concerned about economic inequality. RESIST CORPORATE SPIN For Your Reference When you’re researching a company’s CSR claims, it’s best to approach the project with a healthy dose of skepticism. Take the issue of sustainability: A 2008 study conducted by researchers from PRmeasurement firm KDPaine & Partners and Brigham Young University, “Measuring the Transparency of Environmental Sustainability Reporting,” examines the environmental sustainability claims of 50 companies, as reported on their websites.

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