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I shall) argue that the specific characteristics of employment in the industry can only be explained by means of an analysis that defines production as not merely a technical process, but as a labour process involving the domination of labour by capital) within specific conditions of valorisation and class 'struggle . I shall show how the use and control of labour in the Brazilian auto industry in the seventies was not determined merely by the structural characteristics of auto production, but rather was developed in response to the specific economic, social and political conditions existing at that time .

Gayne, op . , entry for May 19, 1946 . 35 Nippon Times, May 21, 1946 . 36 For the view which looked upon the US occupation forceas `forces of liberation', see Ueda Koichiro, Sengo Nihoni Kakumei Ronso-shi (History of Controversies on the , Postwar Japanese Revolution), Vol . I . 37 `Statement of the CPJ', as cited in Asahi, May 21, 1946 . 38 It is nowadays conventional to denounce the view of the US' forces as a force of liberation as a mistake, and in fact the CPJ has criticised itself to this effect .

In the various passages quoted above, the limitations of this system have already been implicitly stated . Firstly, as the foremen quoted above noted, the skilled workers are not bound to the firm to the same extent as unskilled and semi-skilled workers, because there is usually a shortage of skilled labour . Secondly, as McPherson pointed out, the labour system employed in the United States ceased to function after the plants were unionised . Once the union is able to organise, the conditions imposed on the workers have to be modified .

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