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By Margaret Mayo

ISBN-10: 0263848051

ISBN-13: 9780263848052

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He was angry with her for keeping Rebecca a secret, deeply angry; but despite that he still found her stunningly attractive. When she walked towards him at the airport, tall and proud in a floaty pink summer dress and high-heeled sandals, he had been wowed anew by her beauty. When he hit a pothole and jolted his passengers Lucio knew that he’d better keep his eyes on the road. He could hear mother and daughter talking quietly as Rebecca pointed out things of interest, and an hour later they had reached their destination.

Or that she’d even had dealings with his firm! Not yet anyway. This was all about their daughter; she didn’t want to mix the two. Time enough to tell him when he asked what she’d been doing all these years. ‘I like it,’ she said. ‘And Becky’s happy here. Her friends all live close; they pop in and out all the time. ’ And she wanted him to know that she wouldn’t approve if he tried to tempt her away. ‘I guess I should be leaving,’ he said finally, and Kirstie was relieved. ’ ‘On her computer, I imagine.

I’ve prayed so hard all these years to meet him. ’ Kirstie’s stomach gave a sickening lurch. Her daughter had just put her well and truly in her place for leaving it until now to find Lucio. She was getting it on both sides and was almost beginning to wish that she hadn’t given in to her conscience and contacted him. She certainly wouldn’t be in the predicament she was in now. When Lucio had slowly and deliberately moved her hair back from her face her whole body had tingled in anticipation of what was to come next.

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