Applied Statistics Using SPSS, STATISTICA and MATLAB by Joaquim P. Marques de Sá PDF

By Joaquim P. Marques de Sá

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Intended for a person wanting to use statistical research to a wide number of technological know-how and engineering difficulties, this booklet exhibits how you can use SPSS, MATLAB, STATISTICA and R for facts description, statistical inference, class and regression, issue research, survival facts and directional facts. The 2d version comprises the R language, a brand new part on bootstrap estimation tools and a more robust remedy of tree classifiers, plus extra examples and exercises.

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It is also possible to choose the starting point of the bins. With MATLAB one obtains both the frequencies and the histogram with the his t command. Consider the following commands applied to the cork stopper data stored in the MATLAB cork matrix: » » prt=cork ( : , 4) [f,x]=hist(prt,6); In this case the hist command generates an f vector containing the frequencies counted in 6 bins and an x vector containing the bin locations. 16. One can also use the his t command with specifications ofbins stored in a vector b, as hist (prt, b) .

The data can then be saved with Save As (File menu), specifying the data file name (Me teo . sav), which will appear in the title heading of the data spreadsheet. This file can then be comfortably opened in a following session with the Open option of the File menu. In MATLAB, one can also directly paste data from an EXCEL file, in a matrix definition typed in the MATLAB command window. For the meteorological data one would have (the " ... " denotes part of the listing that is not shown): » meteo= [ 181 143 36 39 3 7 114 132 35 39 36 101 125 36 40 38 14 70 35 37 39 l; % Pas ting starts here % and ends here.

In this section, we will present only the fundamentals of such operations, illustrated for the meteorological dataset. Imagine that we wanted a new variable, PClass, that categorised the maximum rain precipitation (variable Pmax) into three categories: 1. Pmax ~ 20 (low); 2. 20 < Pmax ~ 80 (moderate); 3. Pmax > 80 (high). Using STATISTICA we can add this new variable with the Add Variable option of the Insert menu. 6 will then be displayed, where we would fill in, namely, the number of variables to be added, their names and formulas used to compute them.

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