Anionic polymerization: principles and practical by Henry L. Hsieh, Roderic P. Quirk PDF

By Henry L. Hsieh, Roderic P. Quirk

ISBN-10: 0824795237

ISBN-13: 9780824795238

This paintings introduces the elemental theories and experimental equipment of anionic polymerization in addition to the synthesis, research and features of anionic polymerized items. It information the production of linear and branched polymers, random and block copolymers, graft and macromonomers, and lots of different ingredients. The paintings emphasizes the connection among primary rules and advertisement applications.;College or collage bookstores could buy 5 or extra copies at a unique pupil fee, to be had on request from Marcel Dekker, Inc.

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The unique nature of carbon-lithium bonding is directly responsible for the ability of only lithium among the alkali metals to polymerize 1,3-dienes to high 1,4-microstructure polydienes stereospecifically [17-19,53,54] (see Chapter 9). Thus, the true nature of carbon-lithium bonding is perhaps best summarized by the conclusions that Clearly, the C,Li bond cannot be as covalent as a C,H bond [40] at one extreme, and that the C,Li bond is more covalent than the C,Met bonds for the heavier alkali metals, at the other.

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Tom Lynch, and Dr. James Oziomek. A special debt of gratitude is owed to his graduate students (the anionic groupies) for their considerable efforts in proofreading and authenticating references: Gilda Lizarraga, Dr. Jianxin Kuang, Jungsoo Kim, Qizhuo Zhuo, Huimin Yang, Yuhsin Tsai, Taejun Yoo, Shane Porzio, Li-Mei Lu, Jinsong Li, Sung Hoon Jang, Hong Dixon, and Kwansoo Han. HENRY L. HSIEH RODERIC P. QUIRK Page vii CONTENTS Preface v I Structure and Bonding in Carbanionic Compounds 1 Structures of Carbanions and Organometallic Compounds 3 2 Stabilities of Carbanionic Species 33 3 Ion Pairs, Free Ions, and Stereochemistry in Carbanionic Chemistry 47 II Introduction to Anionic and Living Polymerization 4 Living Polymerizations: Definitions, Consequences, and Criteria 71 5 General Aspects of Anionic Polymerization 93 III Kinetics and Mechanism in Anionic Polymerization 6 Initiation Reactions in Anionic Polymerization: Kinetics of Addition of Organolithium Compounds to Vinyl Monomers 131 7 Propagation Reactions: Kinetics and Mechanism for Styrenes and Dienes in Hydrocarbon Solvents with Lithium as Counterion 155 Page viii 8 Termination and Chain Transfer Reactions 173 9 Stereochemistry of Polymerization 197 10 Copolymerization 237 IV Anionic Synthesis of Polymers with Well-Defined Structures 11 Functionalized Polymers and Macromonomers 261 12 Block Copolymers 307 13 Star Polymers 333 14 Graft Copolymers 369 V Commercial Applications of Anionically Prepared Polymers 15 Commercial Applications of Anionically Polymerized Products 395 16 Polydiene Rubbers 421 17 Styrene-Diene Rubbers 447 18 Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers 475 19 Applications of Styrenic Thermoplastic Rubbers in Plastics Modifications, Adhesives, and Footwears 533 20 Clear Impact-Resistant Polystyrene 587 21 Nonfunctional Liquid Polybutadienes 607 22 Telechelic Elastomers and Prepolymers 621 VI Polar Monomers 23 Anionic Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate and Related Polar Monomers 641 24 Block Polymers Prepared Via Anionic Ring-Opening Polymerization 685 Index 711 Page 1 I STRUCTURE AND BONDING IN CARBANIONIC COMPOUNDS Page 3 1 Structures of Carbanions and Organometallic Compounds I.

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