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By Walter Klaassen

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88. R. Emmet McLaughlin, Caspar Schwenckfeld, Reluctant Radical: His Life to 1540 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1986), 129. Page 29 Chapter 2 The Confession of the Swiss Brethren in Hesse, 1578 C. Arnold Snyder The story of Hessian Anabaptism is a rich and interesting one, encompassing most of the historical manifestations of the early movement. In its earliest phase Hessian Anabaptism owed much to the social tensions which erupted in the Peasants' Revolt. Early Hessian Anabaptism shared peasant anticlericalism, and its most significant early leader, Melchior Rinck, had once been a follower of Thomas Müntzer.

Littell, "What Butzer Debated with the Anabaptists at Marburg, 1538," MQR 36 (1962), 256276. 33. " The Radical Reformation, 448449. 34. Cf. TA, Hesse, 174175, 215, 223. 5%. 35. , esp. 115116 (hereafter cited as MBDS). 36. , VII, 187. 37. TA, Hesse, 215. 38. , 228. 39. , 197199. Bastian had earlier signaled his willingness to return to the church if only greater emphasis were to be placed on instructions and discipline. 40. , 23739, esp. 239. Page 26 41. About him, see James Stayer, "David Joris: A Prolegomenon to Further Research," MQR, 59 (1985), 35061; and S.

The correlation between the Apology and the Visitation Order is illustrated by the fact that the Lord's Supper is not addressed in either document. 25. Williams' description in The Radical Reformation, 444. 26. TA, Hesse, 187, 189. 27. , 187, 191. 28. Theodor Fabricius thought he could convert Fälber if only he could spend two weeks with him. , 188, 193194. 29. , 211. See also the statement by Herman Schneider, p. 209. 30. , Briefwechsel Landgraf Philipps des Grossmüthigen von Hessen mit Bucer, I (Leipzig, 1880), 45.

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