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By Alfred W. Lawson

Пятый том авиационной энциклопедии, издававшейся с марта 1910 г.

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Pril 20th which will make safe the landSchneider Trophy and prize. ing by aeroplane at night. \pril 15th-22nd at St. Petersburg, Russia, to last one week. will, is fitted with a parachute and burns four Military contests at Farnborough minutes, illuminating all the country below. \pril lst-30th. In a under the auspices of the British Army; recent test the bomb, released at a height of 500 naval contests under auspices of the British yards, lighted up the country for a radius of Navy. \rmy. place.

The first of these is herewith shown—an 80 H. P. Dep. monoplane. (1) The marksstanding and ready to shoot man and (2) The position. This gun in gun is so placed that a theg und quick-firing people, a pilot and a marksman but here is a flying maching fitted with a quick-firing gun for use against other air craft, and what is : aeroplanes so that they will carry several of these quick-firing guns The Sikorsky aeroplane which is April, igi4 AIRCRAFT April, jpi4 293 TOCEIGK BY Arthur V. p. ' >rld's having readied Coming Aviation Meetings existing — r> 150 i metres (480 Mr.

M. Jean Ors experimented insurance premiums and with a parachute at Juvisy. p. Arizani, to a height of 1,000 feet, seated on the wheel axle of the machine. From that altitude he let himself drop, and landed safely after a descent lasting 39 seconds. He says it is now his intention to perform a similar descent accompanied by a passenger, and that he proposes afterwards to test a parachute of 300 square metres, guaranteed to open in three seconds, and support at once the weight of the pilot, passenger and machine, a total estimated weight of 600 kilogrammes.

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Aircraft Vol. 5 by Alfred W. Lawson

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