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By Alfred W. Lawson

Третий том авиационной энциклопедии, издававшейся с марта 1910 г.

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And II. and of Art. 18 to 22, 24, 26 and 27 of Title IV. Titles I. and II. and Arts. 18 to 22 of Title IV. are not applicable to aircraft performing evolutions outside of aerodromes in the regions approved by the department of public works as training fields. The evolutions of aircraft, when they Art. 34. constitute public spectacles, may take place only by virtue of an authorization of the prefect, after advising with the mayor. For contests comprising a flight across open country and organized on a fixed date, the authorization will be given after advising with the mayors of the communes where the departures, stops and arrivals must take place, by the perfect of the department if only one department is interested, by the minister of the interior in the contrary case.

Moreover, Mr. Raiche's wife. Mrs. Bessica Paiche, was the first woman in America to pilot an aeroplane in flight, in recognition of which the nical Society presented her with a gold edal. i AIRCRAFT March, 191 23 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 15 IF PORingSALE— Complete 1 you want passenger balloons, dirigibles, cap- immediate tives or aeroplanes; large stock; shipment; any size built to order. Teach purchaser to operate. Exhibitions furnished throughG. L- Bumbaugh, out United States and Canada. A. SALE— One FOR 7 Requa-Gibson propeller, diameter, 6 ft.

Address L- Lepetit. , New York, N. Y. desires a position in aeronautical work, factory at hangar. One year experience building large rking models. L'nderstand controlling systems monoplanes and biplanes, with a good knowl;e of construction work. Four years' experie =q a pilot of locomoton. If you want the of a good intelligent worker, don't fail to mucate. Unquestionable references. AdCable Box 757, A- - to sustain 185 pounds. Best spruce construction throughout. Laminated ribs. Glider guyed with tested Aviator wire and turnbuckles.

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Aircraft Vol. 3 by Alfred W. Lawson

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