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By David G. Harnden, A. M. R. Taylor (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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Both the cells with 48 chromosomes that were analyzed had an additional 8 and an additional 9. The cell with 50 chromosomes was not analyzed. Such a system could help to present data for some tumors. It is stressed that not all analyzed cells need be presented in the formula (since this would make it too cumbersome), provided they do not represent a type more numerous than those that are given in detail. In some cases, however, the picture may be so complex that it cannot be compressed into any simple formula, and there is no alternative but to give an analysis of each cell type present.

With less potent chemical carcinogens, more variable chromosome results were observed. Although the same marker was seen after methylcholanthrene (MC) and benzpyrene (BP) induction, the variability of chromosome number, incidence of markers, and minutes was more pronounced in BP- than in 22 David G. Harnden and A. M. R. Taylor MC-induced sarcomas, and both showed more variable conditions than sarcomas induced by DMBA (DMBA > MC > BP). It is suggested by Mitelman 181 that a less potent carcinogen appears to give rise to a more variable chromosome change accompanying malignant transformation.

150,257 Biedler and Spengler show regions comparable to the neuroblastoma HSRs in an antifolate-resistant hamster cell line that is making very large amounts of dihydrofolate reductase (2% of total cellular protein), and they speculate that the HSR may represent a region of chromatin devoted to the production of large amounts of a specific product. Both the HSRs 11 and the minutes 257 appear to replicate early. Pickthall,224 in describing a case of bronchial carci- Chapter 1: Chromosomes and Neoplasia 33 noma, refers to double minutes that were present in small numbers in many cells and that stained darkly with C-banding technique, suggesting that they were centric heterochromatin.

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