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By Daniel C. Cohn-Sherbok

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In the former instance, a woman cannot remarry because she cannot legally prove that her husband has died or divorced her. The latter case covers the Jew born of adulterous or incestuous intercourse. That Jew may never marry a kosher Jew. Progressives cannot understand how such rulings can be understood to be God's will for us today. They also do not understand how those traditional Jews who agree that these laws should be made inoperable continue to be appeased by authorities who say the halakhah can remedy these inequities when the authoritative figures have not significantly modifed them.

T. ), Mysticism and Philosophical Analysis (New York, 1978), pp. 22-74; see also my 'Utterance and Ineffability in Jewish Neoplatonism', L. ), Jewish Neoplatonism (Albany, 1991), pp. 247-63. 54 A Traditional Quest (and approach) employed by the Eckardts that would draw an analogy between the Sho'ah and religious experience as such experience is described by Rudolf Otto: The response that finds in the Holocaust a transcendent, crushing mystery incarnates the dimension of the numinous, as described by Rudolf Otto in Das Heilige.

Orthodoxies have so full a sense of God's own truth that they often insist that if one does not accept Scripture as entirely God's word then, by making it largely human, one renders it insignificant. Progressives find that dichotomy utterly distorts their religious experience. For mem, precisely because rejecting Scripture as God's own truth liberates them from the burden of explaining away the innumerable problems in the text, it frees them to appreciate fully the spiritual genius that produced it.

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