A grand experiment: the constitution at 200 : essays from - download pdf or read online

By Douglass Adair, John Allphin Moore, John Edwin Murphy

ISBN-10: 0842022899

ISBN-13: 9780842022897

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How, then, does the Constitution guarantee this desired refinement? Madison might say that the Constitution ensures this through the ameliorative effects of institutions, particularly institutions that balance and check one another, thereby making it possible but not easy to act. When action is taken, there is a consensus among several groups about the action rather than agreement only among a like-minded majority faction. To assure this balanced system, Madison, along with Hamilton, foresaw a nation diverse in its interests, religious sects, and kinds of people.

Modern scholarship has completely discredited the once popular view, associated with Charles Beard, that the Constitution was made undemocratically to advance the economic interests of personal property groups, chiefly creditors. In conclusion, the Constitution was framed and ratified because most voters came to understand that a strong central government was indispensable for nationhood. Page 11 Commentary to Leonard Levy Joyce Appleby Leonard Levy has presented a consensus view of the Constitution.

In good American political fashion, a compromise was worked out: Jefferson and others saw to it that Virginia, which had by far the largest claim, would cede its land to the Continental Congressto the nation, as it wereif all other claims to the land were extinguished. In other words, neither the states nor the land companies would have any prior claim, and the land indeed would become a national domain to be won by the states in a successful war.

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