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Review: a hundred and ten% Gaming is an exhilarating new gaming journal that’s full of information and stories, on-line LOLs, tricks and assistance, puzzles, comps and more!

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New PDF release: Canard Jeux Vidéo [FR] (December 2013)

Canard computer is an self sustaining journal based in France in 2003 dedicated to notebook gaming and released bi-monthly.

Canard laptop independence from the sport businesses is famous within the French video gaming circles. Canard computer has a sister journal, Canard notebook undefined.

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Proteus, the legendary sea god who may possibly regulate his visual appeal at will, embodies one of many delivers of on-line video games: the power to reinvent oneself. but population of digital worlds infrequently do so liberty, video game researcher Nick Yee contends. even though on-line video games evoke freedom and escapism, Yee indicates that digital areas perpetuate social norms and stereotypes from the offline international, rework play into exertions, and encourage racial scapegoating and superstitious considering.

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A hundred and ten% Gaming is an exhilarating new gaming journal that’s choked with information and stories, on-line LOLs, tricks and counsel, puzzles, comps and more!


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RIGHT: Chief scientist Michael Abrash talks about VR research at the Oculus Connect conference. ” When he talks about the intricacies of virtual reality, Abrash comes off as the friendliest college professor you never had – like he could’ve taught you astrophysics with digestible real-world anecdotes and gentle praise, even if you failed your last three science courses. I earned two “fantastic observations” during our interview, which I believe qualifies me to lead a VR division at NASA. Abrash’s dream is a fully virtual workspace, with multiple screens-within-the-screen, more dynamic and configurable than a wooden desk ever could be.

But they can let us know what the experience is like. And then if that experience really is “Until aboUt foUr years ago, Vr as an indUstry was completely dead” W h aT ’ S I N T h e B O x The Rift comes with more than just a headset. This is what you get for your money 1 ThE OcUlUs RiFT The first consumer version of the headset, with special 90Hz, 1080x1200 panels (one for each eye), integrated audio and a strap system for staying snugly mounted. 1 3 sEnsOR The Oculus sensor reads IR LEDs to determine your position in space.

Big fan of anime. Not a big fan of shoes. Works quietly as Oculus’s chief software architect. 4 PC Gamer talks exclusively to the team behind the OCULUS RIFT VR headset By Wesley Fenlon t’s a big day for Palmer Luckey. Upstairs, not far from the Facebook campus conference room where we’re chatting, a sign counts down to the ship date of the Oculus Rift. 18 days. 18 days until the headsets stacking up in warehouses are loaded on trucks and planes and shipped around the world. Another sign counts down to a closer deadline: seven days until software is locked for release.

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