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By Mathias Bröckers

ISBN-10: 3938060484

ISBN-13: 9783938060483

Neunzehn Hijacker schaffen es, mit Teppichmessern vier Flugzeuge zu entführen, die Luftabwehr stundenlang am Boden zu halten und drei Wolkenkratzer zu pulverisieren. Die Kommission zur Klärung der Ereignisse legt einen Abschlussbericht vor, der in keinem Punkt einer staatsanwaltlichen Prüfung standhält und zu dem selbst die Kommissionsmitglieder Abstand nehmen. Wie kann das sein? Die Bestsellerautoren Mathias Bröckers und Christian C. Walther beweisen, dass es sich bei der offiziellen model lediglich um eine Hypothese handelt, um eine Theorie ohne stichhaltige und eindeutige Beweise. Sie zeigen die vielen Ungereimtheiten und Widersprüche auf, unterscheiden Fakten von Fiktionen, Aufklärung von Desinformation, Ermittlungen von Vertuschungen. Und sie belegen, dass wir uns alle von der hohen Schule der Massenmanipulation und Medienmagie für dumm verkaufen lassen, wenn wir weiterhin der offiziellen model glauben, die Al Qaida und Bin weighted down für die Anschläge verantwortlich macht, statt die wahren Schuldigen zu belangen.

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Thus (2), or more accurately, (1)’s necessary and conceptual links with (2), are indispensable to the argument being made here. Gandhi, Newton, and the Enlightenment 23 It was this scientific rationality, seized upon by just these established religious and economic alliances, that was later central to the colonizing mentality that justified the rapacious conquest of distant lands. The justification was merely an extension of the connections that I have outline to colonized lands, which too were to be viewed as brute nature that was available for conquest and control – but only so long as one was able to portray the inhabitants of the colonized lands in infantilized terms, as a people who were as yet unprepared – by precisely a mental lack of such a notion of scientific rationality – to have the right attitudes towards nature and commerce and the statecraft that allows nature to be pursued for commercial gain.

It goes back, that is, to just the time and the place when the outlook of scientific “rationality” that many place at the defining centre of what they call the “West,” was being formed, and it is that very outlook with its threatening cultural and political consequences that is the target of that early critique. It should be said emphatically right at the outset that the achievements of the “new science” of the seventeenth century were neither denied nor opposed by the critique I have in mind, and so the critique cannot be dismissed as Luddite reaction to the new science, as Gandhi’s critique is bound to seem, coming centuries later, when the science is no longer “new” and its effects on our lives, which the earlier critique was warning against, seem like a fait accompli.

Thus it is, that the metaphysical issues regarding the world and nature, as they were debated around the new science, provide the deepest conceptual sources. The conceptual sources that we have traced are various but they were not miscellaneous. The diverse conceptual elements of religion, capital, nature, metaphysics, rationality, science, were tied together in a highly deliberate integration, that is to say in deliberately accruing worldly alliances. Newton’s and Boyle’s metaphysical view of the new science won out over the freethinkers’ and became official only because it was sold to the Anglican establishment and, in an alliance with that establishment, to the powerful mercantile and incipient industrial interests of the period in thoroughly predatory terms.

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